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Emsculpt is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and FDA-approved solution to strengthen, tone, and firm your thighs, arms, buttocks, and abdomen. With the equivalent of 20,000 manual exercises, high-intensity electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) hypercontract the deep supramaximal muscles of the targeted areas to sculpt muscle and reduce fat cells without surgery, downtime, or hours in the gym.

If you’ve been working out, eating a healthy diet, and doing all “the right things,” but you just can’t lose that stubborn body fat, it may be time to try Emsculpt from Skin Restoration Center, Prescott’s premier medical aesthetic and wellness clinic. Emsculpt is an innovative non-surgical body contouring procedure that sculpts the body by simultaneously building muscle and destroying fat. The first of its kind to address both fat and muscle at once, Emsculpt has quickly become the standard in science-based body aesthetics, using HIFEM to stimulate approximately 19% muscle development and create a 15% fat burn.

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Emsculpt: Real Results in Half the Time

At Skin Restoration Center, we pride ourselves on offering only the best in elite advanced medical aesthetic services, backed by science and proven to deliver the best results possible, which is why Emsculpt fits so well within the wheelhouse of our expertise. We’ve helped thousands of people across the Tri-City area discover their best bodies and their best health with comprehensive wellness, anti-aging, and rejuvenation solutions like Emsculpt.

The results of Emsculpt speak for themselves. With just one 30-minute session a week for four weeks, most patients see, on average, a:

  • 4 cm decrease in waist circumference
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
  • 11% decrease in diastasis recti, or the separation of the abdominal
  • 19% reduction in abdominal fat thickness
  • Reduction in muscle laxity
  • 80% visibly improved appearance that is more lifted, toned, tight, and full
  • 5x increase in fat metabolism
  • 96% patient satisfaction

Within 3 months of your last session—which is approximately the time it takes for your body to grow new muscle and completely flush out the dead fat cells—you will begin to see the tighter, leaner, more sculpted body you’ve always wanted, but you may begin to see some initial changes in as little as 2 weeks. Subsequent sessions every six months or so can help you maintain your results.

A toned women in a white bikini shows off her toned torso.

The Emsculpt Experience at Skin Restoration Center

Emsculpt is a convenient and non-invasive option for creating the perfect physique. During your 30-minute session, you get to lie back in our fully-appointed, state-of-the-art procedure room while the device does all the work. After your appointment, you can go right back to your regular activities, including work and exercise, with no downtime or recovery.

Here’s what to expect during your Emsculpt appointment at Skin Restoration Center:

The Emsculpt device is placed on a specific area of your body. While you relax, the high intensity electromagnetic energy contracts the deep supramaximal muscle tissue in the area at an intensity level beyond anything achievable during a standard workout, a 100% contraction for up to six seconds, where as the average person can only contract their muscles to 30-35% capacity for a fraction of a second. The machine will begin at the lowest setting and then be gradually increased by the technician as your tolerance increases. Resting phases occur in between contractions, allowing your body to flush out the lactic acid buildup that can lead to soreness and stiffness.

While not painful, the rapid contractions do produce a sensation similar to a super-intense workout. The stress placed on the muscles forces them to adapt and remodel their structure, resulting in faster, more defined and pronounced muscle growth.

As the body works harder to build muscle during the session, the fat cells start to break down in a process called lipolysis, where these broken down cells release fatty acids that cause the death of the fat cell. These dead cells are naturally metabolized and flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system, leaving your physique tight, toned, and trim.

The contractions also increase the number of calories burned, causing fat cells to burn off to produce the needed energy.

Get Started with Emsculpt Today!

Experience the transformative power of Emsculpt. Contact Skin Restoration Center now to schedule your consultation and start your journey to a sculpted body.

Build Your Best Body with Emsculpt from Skin Restoration Center

At Skin Restoration Center, we’re committed to helping you live your best life, and that means being confident in your body. With comprehensive and synergistic health and wellness services, as well as aesthetic offerings like Emsculpt, we can help you look and feel better than you have in years. Here, loving what you see in the mirror is about more than a great reflection; it’s about putting yourself on a path to optimal health. We combine proven, effective modalities with professional medical support and supervision for a truly personalized experience that is tailored to your unique needs.

If you just can’t shake that stubborn fat or if you simply want a sculpted and more toned physique, call Skin Restoration Center today and find out how we can change your body and your life with Emsculpt.

Emsculpt FAQs

While almost anyone—both men and women—can be a candidate for Emsculpt, you are likely to experience the best results if you:

  • Are close to or at your ideal body weight
  • Have a 35 BMI or lower
  • Are health conscious and exercise regularly
  • Feel you can maintain your level of body fat and muscle
  • Who would like to tone your stomach, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms, and/or calves
  • Would like to lift your buttock area without surgery
  • Have small pockets of excess fat in specific areas, such as love handles or a thin layer of fat covering the abdominal muscles

There are no age limitations, and you may be a candidate even if you have had prior surgeries such as a C-section, abdominoplasty, or liposuction, as long as you have fully healed and have complete feeling in the target area.

There are several conditions, however, which may exclude you from Emsculpt, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Metal implants
  • Metallic IUD
  • Heart disorders
  • Pulmonary insufficiency
  • Cardiac pacemakers

Where other body sculpting modalities only target stubborn fat, Emsculpt is an innovative therapy that burns fat and builds muscle at the same time, giving you better results in half the time—just one 30-minute session per week for four weeks—and at nearly half the cost of other body contouring procedures. It’s the only device in the aesthetic field that treats both using high intensity focused electromagnetic energy for stimulating muscle growth.

In addition, Emsculpt boasts:

  • Broad patient appeal
  • Better muscle definition in more areas than other body sculpting devices, including the abdomen, arms, thighs, calves, flanks, and buttocks
  • No pain, downtime, or lengthy recovery, only intense yet tolerable muscle contractions 
  • Faster, more comprehensive muscle stimulation, producing the equivalent of up to 20,000 rapid supramaximal muscle contractions on all muscle strands, which is impossible with exercise and builds muscle mass and strength

Emsculpt is ideal for both large muscle families like the abs and glutes as well as small muscle groups like the upper arms, calves, and thighs. It can create better muscle definition and a sleeker silhouette on more areas of the body than other body sculpting devices, including the:

  • Abdomen, to reveal the sexy six-pack of your dreams
  • Upper arms, for more muscle definition and tone.
  • Buttocks, for a sleeker, rounder, and more lifted bottom
  • Thighs, for leaner, more muscular legs that look and feel younger and stronger
  • Flanks, to reduce love handles and tighten all areas of the lateral abdomen, including all oblique muscles and 4 common fat spots


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